Payroll Services | Human Resources

Skala Denetim specializes in providing outsource payroll services in Turkey. We offer payroll and payroll related services, plus oversee social security operations in Turkey. We also offer payroll, social security and withholding tax services for the expatriate staff of foreign investors.

Payroll Services

Preparation of monthly salary pay slips, calculation of net salary, insurance, deductions and tax declaration, preparation of payroll list and related reports,
Preparation of periodic declarations such as Social Security Institution (SSI) declaration and tax returns, informing the client about the payment
Preparation of wage pay slips to the relevant personnel,
Preparation of all documents for new employments or employment terminations,
Preparation of exit documents for personnel like termination notifications and employment documentation,
Allocation of payroll expenses to cost centers specified by our client and preparation of payroll reports and related accounting records,
Maintenance of annual leave register and calculation of the provision for vacation days not used at balance sheet dates,
Calculation of indemnification for retired and terminated personnel,
Follow up the payment procedures of the benefits like bonus, business advance, social help, private health insurance etc. and related accounting entries.
Related Approvals for Disabilities
Follow up the Regulation
Sending declarations to Turkish Labor Agency
Follow up the personnel vacation
Related Checks for Disabled Personnel
Overtime Reporting
Implementations and Notifications related with the Labour Law No 4857