Finance Function Restructuring | Management Consulting

1- Finance Function Restructuring

In today's increasingly competitive environment, companies are under constant pressure to improve their performance,
which causes finance function to be more important than ever. The ideal finance function should be able to influence business leaders to make better business decisions. It will help to clarify the role of finance in driving strategic business imperatives, and will focus the finance function on delivering the right information to the right business leaders at the right time.

We can help to make the finance function more effective in driving business value and more efficient in the way that it currently operates within the organisation by defining the optimal organizational structure and size of the financial function, based on the scale of the business and the scope of the CFO’s roles and responsibilities.

Our Finance Function Restructuring Services are:

Establishing a clear global finance vision and strategy, aligned to business needs, enables finance to deliver business value to all stakeholders
Creating the appropriate accounting and finance operating model
Standardising and automating processes which leads to greater efficiencies and increased productivity (and potential cost savings) Faster, more accurate reporting (financial reporting, management reporting)
Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations
Establishing Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance
Development of organizational documentation, such as procedures and job descriptions
Tax Planning