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3- Internal Audit

The role of internal audit is evolving due to economic conditions, increased globalization, and new and emerging risks. These scenarios are creating a dynamic environment – and a new opportunity for internal audit to demonstrate its value. In this fluid environment, many companies are struggling to manage – and sometimes, even to identify – the complex risks they face.

Internal Audit within an organization is broad and may involve topics such as the efficiency of operations, the reliability of financial reporting, deterring and investigating fraud, safeguarding assets, improve the effectiveness of risk management and compliance with laws and regulations.

Internal Audit frequently involves measuring compliance with the entity's policies and procedures.

However, internal audit function is not responsible for the execution of company activities; it is more interested in advising management and the Board of Directors (or similar oversight body) regarding how to better execute their responsibilities.

Skala Denetim Internal Audit services are as below:

Establishing an Internal Audit function
Outsourcing & Co sourcing of Internal Audit
Strategic Review of Internal Audit Departments
Corporate Governance Review and Assessment
Accounting Procedures Manual
Reconciliation Problem Resolution